Every design element in a bathroom should  be functional and a space-saving sanctuary.

The originality of the bathroom is its ability to blend in with the decor of the house while keeping its charm. Therefore, the bathroom must be skillfully designed to vent grace and refinement. Centre Design Réalité offers a wide range of bathroom cabinets of quality products at competitive prices that will fit your budget with an unparalleled service. Choose our personalized decoration service for your home and from our qualified designers who can harmonize colors, counter-tops, ceramic and accessories with materials you will choose. Centre Design Réalité supports you in your choice of furniture, sofas, cushions, lights or accessories to give you the style bathroom and kitchen of your dreams. We also offer a customized professional service for window treatments.



We offer a wide range of products and services to meet any need bathroom  remodeling

We offer a wide selection of bathtubs for your bathroom remodeling needs throughout Greater Montreal Area.



Our showers offer precision assembly and unmatched structural integrity ensuring an uncommon durability.

Consider your needs for function, elegance and style, and then choose from the long list of bath and shower styles available.