A modern kitchen attracts bold and forward-thinking people. The use of bright color and stainless steel, reflects this style well. It is minimalist while incorporating new technological gadgets for cooking.

Project Gobeil St, Ste-Dorothée

Glossy black and white acrylic gives this home a modern look. High-gloss cabinets reflect the light, producing a clean, virtually sterile style without compromising ergonomics and storage space.


All the modern conveniences are there: from the big upscale appliances to the “pot filler” tap behind the kitchen plate to fill the cauldrons. Now people use the drawers for storage plates and glasses, which makes them more accessible and allows for a more refined kitchen by eliminating some storage top.


This imposing island allows better circulation and maximization of storage, allowing the whole family to gather and share tasks. Its conviviality favors the discussion during the 5-7 with friends, group meals, teaching culinary art to his children, the completion of homework during the preparation of meals and relaxation at a meeting. pause reading or research on different platforms.

Project 7th ave, Montreal

In this kitchen, the mixture of colors and textures is exploited to the maximum.


The glass mosaic backsplash with several shades of white and gray resumes the shades of the porcelain floor charcoal.


Horizontal lines are omnipresent throughout the kitchen. The horizontal doors are made of European laminate to be highlighted. These horizontal lines are found in the mosaic, the wood grain of the European laminate and the porcelain floor.


A beautiful black quartz counter enhances this kitchen and gives it elegance.

Project Baudrias St, Ste-Dorothée

Winner of a Domus award for the appearance and quality of our work, this kitchen has undergone a metamorphosis.


Several architectural elements have been modified: the opening of a load-bearing wall, the creation of a horizontal window, the movement of doors …


This beautiful, sleek kitchen is trendy, yet functional with plenty of storage space.


The lustrous white imitation makes it possible to have a very glossy and very resistant door, the laminate low pressure for the bottom is put in the horizontal in order to accentuate the nice slender lines of this kitchen.


The cooking plate is placed in the center of the kitchen, allowing you to be face to face to discuss with the guests.

Project Létourneau St, St-Hubert

This U-shaped kitchen is simple but very functional, it offers a large amount of counters for the preparation of meals.


The mixture of low pressure laminate and lustrous white acrylic gives it a contemporary and current look while being economical.


The customers’ request was to give a sense of grandeur to their kitchen, the use of highly polished ceramic floor and backsplash makes it bright and spacious.

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