Transitional kitchen creates a refined and timeless style. It combines the benefits and functionality of contemporary cuisine with the details and richness of classic cuisine. The transitional kitchen is elegant and sober, it is practical and offers plenty of storage space easily accessible.

Project Dufaut, Laval

This transitional kitchen represents the mix between contemporary and classic. All the advantages of a modern kitchen are there: large drawers, a lunch counter and sliding storage space. Its layout and its horizontal doors represent the contemporary style. In contrast, its chic and timeless side can be felt: warmer colors, granite countertops and Ogee moldings. It is practical and has a large storage capacity.


Polyester gives the appearance of a white painted wood door, while being stronger, easier to maintain and more economical.


The atmosphere is felted thanks to its recessed lighting in the double bottoms of the top boxes.


In addition to being practical, the cellar area gives a contemporary and decorative touch to this kitchen.

Project Jubilee Crescent, Beaconsfield

The new trend: people are opting for a mix of styles. This transitional-looking kitchen is inspired by the Mediterranean, while adding a touch of retro. To achieve this atmosphere, she combines colors such as cobalt blue and the colors of the earth. The kitchen accessories remind us of the beautiful days of our youth, while being fashionable.


While maintaining its trendy and uncluttered style, our designers / decorators use colors, patterns and textures. Decorative tiles set the tone for this kitchen.


A large number of drawers are arranged in this kitchen, demonstrating a current and practical side. LED lights highlight the niches and decorative shelves while illuminating the countertops.


In order to complete the project, trendy window treatments arranged in the kitchen create harmony in this room.

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