Design and Layout

Accessories make it possible to complete the designs of different types of kitchens by adding practicality and accessibility. They facilitate daily operations and enhance the value of the kitchen. Each accessory is chosen carefully to satisfy every client.

It is important to consider lighting, this facilitates carrying out tasks, but also improves its style. With a subdued lighting, it allows the creation of a unique setting for an evening with family, friends or sweetheart.


Today, sorting through waste has become increasingly important. It is, therefore, essential to choose the trash bin that best suits our needs. It is possible to save a specific space for it; it can be attached directly to the door, simplifying the number of operations. In addition, you can manually open the can, or use an electrical system that applies pressure.


The pantry will become a functional element thanks to our sliding shelves with glass facades. Everything will be easy to reach and no food will be forgotten.

Drawers are in great demand, but it is important to arrange them well. It is possible to add all kinds of dividers in drawers, whether for cutlery, pots or even dishes.


Interest in the flavors of the world lead many households to possess an incredible amount of spices. A laboratory style (sliding cabinets at the top, at the bottom or in pantry) allows easy access and helps quickly locate the spices needed.

The not-so-accessible corners are now a thing of the past. Today all kinds of mechanisms allow us to easily access our belongings. For about ten years, corner drawers have been on the market.


Trendy and practical for more than ten years, the central island has become the multifunctional place of the house where family and guests gather. It creates a physical and visual separation with the rest of the house. It is used for a variety of reasons: to increase storage, to grant an easy and fast meal or to create a friendly bar effect.


In addition to providing a better flow and maximizing storage, it allows the entire family to come together and share in completing tasks. The height of the island may be unvarying or tailored according to the needs, use and morphology of every person.

The friendliness of the island encourages communication during happy hour (5 – 7 PM) with friends, group meals, teaching children culinary arts, finishing homework while preparing meals, and even relaxing while taking a break to read or do research using different platforms.

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